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Immigrate to Singapore from US

Immigrate to Singapore from US

Updated on Wednesday 10th November 2021

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Immigrate-to-Singapore-from-US.jpgAmerican citizens who want to immigrate to Singapore from US have several legal options, which depend on the purpose of the stay and the duration of the stay. The immigration law in Singapore provides the opportunity to relocate here under a permanent residency scheme, for business purposes or by obtaining a visa issued for a given purpose, family related matters being available as well. 
Our team of lawyers in Singapore can present the full list of visas American citizens can obtain and can also help you ease the process of obtaining an immigration document. The manner in which an American can immigrate to Singapore from US will vary based on the type of document needed. 

How can Americans obtain permanent residency in Singapore? 

Permanent residency in Singapore provides numerous rights to foreigners relocating here, almost similar with the ones of local citizens (the difference being that a permanent resident is not a citizen of the country, which means that the foreigner does not have a passport issued by the authorities of Singapore). 
However, a permanent resident is entitled to move to Singapore and leave the country freely and, more importantly, will receive an identity document issued by the local authorities, known as the Blue Card. A foreigner is also entitled to bring his family in this country (spouse and children) and the children can be enrolled in the public school system, having the same rights as the children of locals.  Our Singapore lawyer can help with in-depth information on the legal procedures of enrolling foreign children in local schools. 
An important advantage of permanent residency is that the foreigner can easily access the employment market and can change jobs according to his or her wishes. Those who relocate to Singapore from US for employment and who do not have permanent residency have to apply for a work permit and a visa issued for this purpose and may only work with the employer where they have their employment contract and for which the visa was issued. 
Currently, there are several legal pathways which grant the right to permanent residency and which can be presented at length by our team of lawyers in Singapore. One can apply for permanent residency as Work Pass Holders or by participating in the Global Investor Program. 

What are the USA – Singapore relations? 

The connection of the United States of American (USA) with Singapore is a developed one, and this applies in numerous areas, such as foreign investments, bilateral trade, tourism and others. It must be noted that the US government has established a visa waiver program for the Singaporean citizens, who are exempted from obtaining a visa for visits with a duration of maximum 90 days. Some of the highlights of the Singapore – USA relations are presented below:
  • the countries signed a bilateral free trade agreement in 2004, which amounted to traded goods with a value of $45 billion in 2016 (increase of 62% since 2004);
  • in 2016, the USA was the 1st foreign investor of Singapore, with investments of $228 billion, according to the date of the US State Department;
  • in 2019, Singapore received 729,060 visitors from the USA
  • in 2014, 3 out of 10 Americans arriving in Singapore had as the purpose of the visit business related matters;
  • Americans who relocate to Singapore from US for short-term stays had as a main reason for arriving here visiting family or friends (45% out of the total number of arrivals). 

Can Americans become citizens of Singapore?

Yes, American passport holders can become citizens of this country. Our law firm in Singapore can advise you on the procedure, if you are interested in permanently relocating here and obtaining the citizenship status. Becoming a citizen of the country will provide full rights, including the right of purchasing a property at advantageous rates, applying for a bank loan and other rights which are granted to citizens.
However, any person who wants to move to Singapore from US on a permanent basis, with the purpose of becoming a citizen of this country, has to be aware that when the citizenship process starts, the American will need to renounce his or her basic citizenship, as Singapore does not allow dual citizenship, although numerous countries across the world provide the right to multiple citizenships. 
We invite you to contact our law firm in Singapore for more details on the documents one needs to prepare when relocating here. Our lawyers in Singapore are ready to assist you and provide you with the most suitable solution for your particular case, so do not hesitate to address to our team!