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Relocation to Singapore

Relocation to Singapore

Updated on Thursday 10th February 2022

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Relocation-to-SingaporeRelocating to Singapore

Foreign citizens may relocate to Singapore after obtaining an employment or a residence permit. The simplest form of relocating to the country is by signing an employment contract with a Singapore company which will handle the work visa application. However, most foreign citizens are interested in starting a business in Singapore, which is why the Government has enabled different schemes for entrepreneurs.

For complete information about relocation possibilities you can ask our lawyers in Singapore.

The video below shows the main ways of relocating to Singapore:

Relocation arrangements in Singapore

Before moving to Singapore it is best to verify all the legal aspects relocation implies. Among these are the visa requirements, customs regulations, taxation issues and even real estate matters. Our lawyers can explain all these procedures to all foreigners, including those who migrate to Singapore from US

The Singapore taxation system is based on residency meaning residents are taxed differently than foreign citizens living in the country which could impact the taxpayer’s financial situation. To find out details about the taxation system you can get in touch our law firm in Singapore.

For those relocating to Singapore based on an employment contract it is possible for the company to help them with the moving arrangements. However, it best to check beforehand all the possibilities of bringing certain objects or even pets.

Customs regulations when relocating to Singapore

For those holding a Singapore residence permit, the Government may grant a goods and services tax (GST) relief, which is the equivalent of the European value added tax. The GST relief is granted when bringing one’s personal belongings to Singapore. However, these are also restrictions as to certain goods. Among these, foreign citizens relocating to Singapore cannot bring liquor, tobacco products and vehicles. For certain products, one may be required to apply for a special permit before bringing it to Singapore. For a detailed list of all personal things foreigners can cross the border with it is advisable to check with a Singapore law firm.

Foreign citizens must also carry on them the following documents when relocating to Singapore:

  • -          a birth certificate,
  • -          a valid passport,
  • -          medical and dental records,
  • -          marriage or divorce certificates, if applicable,
  • -          a driver’s license.

For a complete list of all documents required in case of relocation to Singapore, please contact our attorneys.