Immigration Law in Singapore

Immigration Law in Singapore

Updated on Monday 07th September 2015

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Immigration-Law-in-SingaporeThe Immigration Act in Singapore

Foreign citizens can relocate to Singapore based on the Immigration Act enabled by the Government. The Singapore Immigration Law was enabled in 1959 and was last updated in 2008.  The Singapore Immigration Act establishes how foreign citizens may enter the country, how immigration officers are appointed and the powers they are invested with. The Immigration Act also defines the means by which foreign citizens may enter the country:

  • -          by land,
  • -          by sea,
  • -          or by air.

However, foreign citizens must have gained permission for entering Singapore. In order enter the country legally one must obtain a Singapore residence permit. Our lawyers in Singapore can provide you with information about the visa application procedure.

What are the types of visas for immigrating to Singapore?

As mentioned above, all foreign citizens must apply for a residence visa when moving to Singapore. Depending on the purpose of their stay, the Singapore Government issues the following types of residence permits:

  • -          an employment pass for foreign citizens coming to work in Singapore,
  • -          an entrepreneur pass for those opening start-up companies in Singapore,
  • -          personalized employment pass,
  • -          an S pass.

All types of visas are subject to different conditions. The employment pass has a one or two years validity period is issued to foreign citizens who have signed an employment contract with a Singapore company. The personalized employment pass is for foreign citizens immigrating to Singapore is a special type of visa which is issued for a three-year period, while the S pass is for middle-skilled employees and is subject to several conditions, among which a minimum salary of 2,200SGD.

What are documents required to immigrate to Singapore?

The Singapore Immigration Law stipulates that all foreign citizens coming to the country are required to present a valid passport upon arrival. Those coming to work in Singapore will also be required to submit proof of obtaining the work visa and the employment contract. Additionally they are required to fill in a special application form issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority in Singapore.

For complete information about the immigration procedure, please contact our law firm in Singapore.