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Attorneys in Singapore
Attorneys in Singapore
Legal services in Singapore

Attorneys in Singapore

We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

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Law Firm in Singapore

Law Firm in Singapore

Updated on Friday 02nd February 2018

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Our law firm in Singapore provides corporate, accounting, financial and civil matter legal services which are extremely reliable, accurate and astute. We have a thorough experience when it comes to meeting our clients’ requirements. Our team of lawyers in Singapore possesses specialized knowledge on different legal jurisdictions and practice areas.

Our client portfolio includes, among small and medium-sized companies, some of the most successful and tenacious companies and company leaders in the world. We are always up-to-date with the latest legal perspectives and we take great pride in being updated on the newest problems faced by businesses in Singapore.

Why choose our law firm in Singapore?

Our law firm in Singapore will offer its clients legal services on all levels starting with company incorporation and up to company dissolution if required. Our Singapore lawyer team is comprised of professionals in the legal, accounting, financial and management domains in order to provide clients with solutions to any problem that may occur. With a vast experience in the Corporate Law, our lawyers in Singapore will provide foreign investors customized services always keeping in mind the client’s interest.

Requesting the legal services of a Singapore law firm is always advisable and our attorneys are always up-to-date with the latest provisions of the law and best corporate practices in order to sustain clients in their endeavors. Our clients can rest assured that while concentrating on their business in Singapore, our staff will make sure they have all the legal support they need.

Our Singapore law firm is well recognized for our commitment to representing our clients’ best interests and finding the appropriate outcomes for their legal problems. Our clients choose us to help them with their legal matters with confidence and trust. 
We possess a deep understanding of the developing environments and we position ourselves to defend our clients’ best interests. We also have a crucial perspective and an experience proven by our track record.
Among the reasons why our clients choose us, we mention:
Affordable services combined with payment plans;
Important experience;
Fantastic referrals and testimonials;
Efficient availability;
Effective consultations.

Open a company in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most stable economies in the world and in Asia also, which is why many foreign investors are interested in enterig this market. The usual step when opening a company in Singapore or in any other country, such as Thailand, is to request the help of a law firm. Our lawyers in Singapore will represent clients through the whole company registration procedure, especially since foreign businessmen are required to ask for a professional agency’s services when registering a business in the city.

Among the requirements for establishing a company in Singapore, clients must know the minimum number of shareholders is one while the maximum number allowed is fifty. Companies in Singapore will require at least one resident manager and company secretary that will also be a resident. When it comes to the share capital of the company, one of the greatest benefits is that companies in Singapore do not require a minimum share capital.

Once all requirements have been met, our attorneys in Singapore will assist clients in drafting the Memorandum or Articles of Association of their company. The Articles together with passport copies of all shareholders and managers must be submitted with the Singapore Trade Register. Once the name is approved, the Trade Register will issue the Incorporation Certificate. The last two steps for the company to start operating in Singapore will be the opening of a corporate bank account and tax registration with the Inland Revenue Authorities (IRAS).

Depending on the type of activity to be undertaken, certain business licenses must be obtained and our lawyers in Singapore will make sure our clients obtain them.

Accounting services in Singapore

Accounting is a key component when running a business in Singapore. Our professional team is prepared to support clients by providing bookkeeping and audit services, and even tax minimization solutions. Clients setting up their first business or establishing branch offices in Singapore will benefit from the same specialized services. All necessary information about double taxation agreements and the taxes applied to companies in Singapore will be provided by our accounting team in Singapore. Moreover, clients will find out in due time when tax returns or annual financial statements must be submitted with the IRAS and our accountants in Singapore will also make sure they are prepared.

Other services in Singapore

Not only does our law firm in Singapore provide legal assistance in corporate matters, but we will also assist clients in any civil issue they might encounter. Clients requesting information about hiring personnel procedures will also benefit from our Singapore lawyers’ expertise in employment legislation. For those requesting representation in civil lawsuits, our attorneys will provide the best legal counsel. Our lawyers in Singapore will also provide consulting in debt collection procedures. International clients looking for these legal services in another country, for example in Thailand, can contact our partner Thai law firm. If you need reliable company registration services in Thailand, our partners from can help you.

Our strategy in Singapore

Despite our achievements, our law firm in Singapore does not take things lightly. In the last few years, our most important objective has been to widen our services in a manner in which they allow us to answer our clients' exact requests, in a timely and efficient manner which guarantees their legal problems are represented in the most appropriate manner.
Our strategy in Singapore comprises, among others, the following key aspects:
A wide variety of legal services;
Specialized skills which can be rapidly deployable;
Team work based on the type of project we get;
We have a thorough initial discussion with each of our clients to ensure we fully understand their needs and requirements.

The legal services provided by our law firm in Singapore extend to many areas which is why we invite you to contact us in order to find out the information that interests you the most.



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