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Resolve Property Disputes in Singapore

Resolve Property Disputes in Singapore

Updated on Monday 18th January 2016

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Resolve-Property-Disputes-in-Singapore.jpgPersons interested in purchasing a property in Singapore or investors interested in buying a commercial real estate property are protected by set of regulations. Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is the main regulatory body in this field, which keeps the evidence of all types of property transactions registered here. Our team of lawyers in Singapore can offer you consultations on this subject, if you want to buy a property or if you are involved in a property dispute

Registration of a property in Singapore 

According to the Singaporean legislation, one of the first steps in the purchase of a property is to register the respective settlement. The registration is recorded at the Land Title Registry office, where the following types of properties can be registered:
commercial or industrial properties;
houses and bungalows. 
The Singaporean legislation requires the future owner to attest that the property belongs to him or her through the following documents:
- registration of deeds, which states that the interest on the land was moved from an owner to another; the document is not mandatory, but it is advisable to own such a document for possible conflicts of interest on the property; you may ask for advice on the legal necessity of a registration of deeds from our lawyers in Singapore.
- registration of instruments is a compulsory document, which will attest the transfer of ownership on the property; SLA has created an on-line system to apply for this document.

Resolution of real estate disputes in Singapore

If you have bought a property in Singapore and if you are involved a dispute on this matter, you can resolve the situation either through mediation, either through arbitration, situation in which you will need the help of our team of lawyers
The mediation procedure is done with the help of a mediator, who will try to find a solution to the property dispute that will be acceptable to both parties.  If the parties can’t settle, they have to address the issue to an arbitration body, which will impose a legally binding decision
The Council for Estate Agencies has approved several resolution centers, such as Consumer Association of Singapore Mediation Centre or Singapore Institute of Arbitrators, to which consumers can address to. 
If you need further information on the property law and property disputes, please contact our law firm in Singapore for legal representation.