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Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

Updated on Tuesday 15th September 2015

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Divorce-Lawyers-in-SingaporeThe legal framework for divorce in Singapore

Divorce procedures in Singapore fall under the Women’s Charter or Chapter 353. In order to apply for divorce in Singapore one of the spouses must be a resident when applying for separation or must have lived in the city for three continuous years when starting the divorce proceedings. However, it is best for spouses to ask Singapore divorce lawyers before proceeding with the application.

The grounds for divorce in Singapore are the following:

  • - adultery,
  • - unreasonable behavior that makes it impossible for one of the spouses to live with the other,
  • - desertion if one of the party has left the conjugal home for more than two years,
  • - if the spouses have lived apart for three years or more.

If spouses have lived apart for four continuous years, the Singapore Court will start the divorce proceedings immediately.

Judicial separation and marriage annulment in Singapore

Judicial separation is available if one of the spouses does not want to live with the other party, but does not want to apply for divorce either. In this case, a petition with the Court for Judicial Separation must be submitted.

Marriage annulment is also possible, but it is advisable to consult a law firm in Singapore before proceeding with the application because of the extended grounds for annulment.  

What is the divorce procedure in Singapore?

Before commencing the divorce procedure, the lawyers in Singapore must obtain all relevant information with the HDB (Housing and Development Board) and the CPF (Central Provident Fund) Board. The second step will be filing a Writ for divorce and a Statement of Claim. Singapore litigation lawyers may file all documents electronically.

After the documents are submitted, an 8-day period of time is granted for the other party to contest the divorce. This period may be extended by the Family Court by issuing a Memorandum of Appearance that has 14-days validity. Then, the Court will arrange a Status Conference or a Pre Trial Conference between parties and their divorce lawyers. The divorce trial may take several days.

During the divorce procedure, properties and assets are divided between parties and, if children are involved, custody, maintenance and visitation rights will also be decided.

Whether you need legal advice or representation in divorce matters you can contact our attorneys in Singapore.



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