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Divorce: Asset Division in Singapore

Divorce: Asset Division in Singapore

Updated on Monday 18th January 2016

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Divorce-Asset-Division-in-Singapore.jpgThe divorce procedure represents a sensible subject, often dealing with issues such as child custody, division of the assets of the married couple or child maintenance. Regardless of the reason a couple wants to file for divorce, according to the Singaporean legislation, the legal separation is done though a two stage process: in the first stage the Court will judge whether the terms of separation filed by the spouses allows them to get a divorce and in the second stage the Court will decide upon the ancillary matters. If you need to find out more on the divorce procedure applicable in Singapore, our team of lawyers can offer you assistance on this subject. 

Ancillary aspects in Singapore 

After the spouses have filed for divorce and the Singaporean Court has decided that the grounds of the separation are prescribed by the divorce law, the two will be allowed to get a divorce
The spouses will have to get a hearing upon this issue, in which they should settle in matters such as child custody and alimony (if applicable) and asset division. The Registrar will set a date in which the hearing will take place or will establish a mediation session, suitable for parties in which the divorce can be handled amicably; our lawyers in Singapore can offer you more details about the mediation procedure, if you are interested in this topic. 

Asset division in Singapore 

The asset division is established in Court after the spouses file the Affidavit of Assets and after the disclosure of all assets or liabilities and income. In Singapore, there are three sessions of exchange of Affidavits, which is followed by the completion of the following documents:
  • - check list;
  • - declaration of assets;
  • ancillary matters facts and position sheet.
Our lawyers in Singapore can provide you detailed information upon each of the above mentioned documents. 
After the documents are being analyzed by the Court, the case will be heard either in the Family Court, either in the High Court. Divorce cases in which the value of the assets is above the value of $1.5 million will be decided only in the High Court of Singapore
In order to get a divorce in Singapore, one of the spouse must have lived here for at least three years before the divorce procedure; it is also required that the couple must have been in a marriage for minimum three years. 
If you need further details upon the legislation applicable in case of a divorce in Singapore, our Singaporean law firm can offer you legal assistance or can represent you in the Court.