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How Do I Contest a Will in Singapore

How Do I Contest a Will in Singapore?

Updated on Monday 11th April 2016

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How-do-I-contest-a-will-in-SingaporeThe Singapore inheritance and succession legislation applies depending on whether the deceased is a has left a will or not. If a person dies intestate, meaning without leaving a will, the Intestacy Act applies and in this case the estate is divided among heirs. One must also know that a special legislation applies to Muslims living in Singapore.

It is a common practice for Singapore citizens or residents to prepare wills. One of the greatest benefits of drafting a will in Singapore is the fact that the city-state has no forced heirship regime like other countries. However, there are situations in which the beneficiaries of the estate are not happy with the division of assets and try to contest the will.

Our Singapore attorneys can provide you information about the laws on inheritance and succession applicable in the city-state.

Grounds for contesting a will in Singapore

There are several cases in which the beneficiaries are entitled to contest a will. The Family Provision Act also grants several grounds under which a will can be contested in a Singapore court. The decision of the court could lead to the invalidity of the will. The reasons that can be invoked in order to contest a will according to the Singapore inheritance legislation are:

  • -          the testator was influenced when drafting the will;
  • -          the testator was not in their full mental capacities when preparing the will;
  • -          the testator was forced to draft the will.

Also, the closest relatives to the deceased, such as the spouse and children, are entitled to other compensations if the deceased did not mention them in the will. The compensation can consist in a monthly allowance or a lump sum.

Assistance in inheritance matters offered by our Singapore lawyers

Our lawyers in Singapore can help foreign citizens owning assets in the city-state to prepare their wills in accordance with the Inheritance Law. Furthermore, our legal team will explain the advantages of drafting a will. We can also assist the beneficiaries of an inheritance in litigation cases related to the division of the estate or in case they want to contest the will.

For complete information about the preparation of wills in the city-state, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Singapore.



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