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Personal Injury and Accident Law in Singapore

Personal Injury and Accident Law in Singapore

Updated on Monday 22nd April 2019

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Personal-Injury-and-Accident-Law-in-SingaporeLegislation on personal injury in Singapore

In Singapore, the personal injury law refers to all legal compensations resulted from civil lawsuits after a wrongful conduct. The term used in the Civil Code is tort action that contrary to the criminal law does not entail governmental prosecution. Through civil lawsuits, private plaintiffs seek compensation for the damages caused by actions of defendants. Road accidents fall under the regulations of the Motor Claims Framework and the Insurance Law in Singapore.

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The Motor Claims Framework in Singapore

The Motor Claims Framework was adopted in order to provide all procedures for reporting motor accidents in Singapore. The Singapore Motor Claims Framework was supported by all insurance companies in the city-state and it provides motorists all information about claims, documentation and estimated costs in case of accidents. According to the Motor Claims Framework, insurance companies in Singapore will provide motorists comprehensive services in order to help them with the reporting and repair procedures in case of accidents. According to the same legislation, all accidents must be reported to the police and insurers within 24 hours from happening.

The Insurance Law in Singapore

The Insurance Law is Singapore is traced back to the Contract Law and refers to the obligations and liabilities between contracting parties, called insured and insurer. The Insurance Law has two statutes referring to accidents in Singapore: the Insurance Act and Motor Vehicles Act. According to the insurance legislation, there are several types of insurances in Singapore:

  • - marine and non-marine insurance,
  • - life and non-life insurance,
  • - first party and third party insurance.

What are the documents required when involved in a car accident in Singapore?

When involved in car accidents in Singapore and making a claim, the following documents must be provided:

  • - the police report and investigations, where an investigation has been made,
  • - medical invoices, certificates and reports, if any,
  • - documents supporting the evidence of losing earnings,
  • - photos of injuries and damages, if any,
  • - insurer’s report on the damaged vehicle, if it is the case.

The claimant is also advised to inform his or her law firm in Singapore about the accident, the events that led to the accident and what happened after.

For complete information about the personal injury legislation please contact our attorneys in Singapore.