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Will Preparation in Singapore

Will Preparation in Singapore

Updated on Wednesday 06th December 2017

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Will-preparation-in-SingaporeThe Singapore Civil Code is very complex and addresses various issues related to drafting contracts and family matters. Unlike other countries, the creation of a will is addressed by a separate law in Singapore: the Wills Act.

Both local and foreign citizens can prepare testaments in Singapore, however, foreign citizens must first make sure that the Singapore law will apply upon the enforcement of the will. It should also be noted that Singapore enforces foreign judgements with respect to testaments. Our Singapore lawyers can offer more information on the Wills Law.

Requirements for preparing a will in Singapore

Before starting to make preparations for a will in Singapore, a citizen or resident of the city-state must know the following:

  • -          the testator (the person drafting the will) must be at least 21 years old (exceptions apply to those with high professional risks);
  • -          the testator must have a sound mind, otherwise the will can be contested;
  • -          the testator must have at least two witnesses when drafting the will;
  • -          it is not necessary to have the testament drafted by a lawyer, however it is recommended to so.

Also, the Singapore will must bear the signature of the person drafting it. There are various types of wills which can be prepared and our lawyers in Singapore can help you choose the right one.

What should a Singapore will contain?

Singapore citizens or residents who want to prepare their testaments must know that according to the Wills Act only certain assets can be included in the document. Among these assets are:

  • -          money held in Singapore or foreign bank accounts;
  • -          movable and immovable property located in Singapore or abroad.

Also, in order to be valid, a Singapore will must contain the following:

  • -          the name and personal details of the testator;
  • -          the name(s) of the executor or executors;
  • -          the names of the beneficiaries;
  • -          information on how the assets are distributed.

It should be noted that if no will is prepared, the distribution of assets will be made according to the Singapore Succession Law.

If you wan to prepare a will in Singapore and need assistance, our local lawyers can help you. Please feel free to contact our attorneys in Singapore for more information on the wills and succession laws.