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Purchasing a Company in Singapore

Purchasing a Company in Singapore

Updated on Wednesday 17th August 2016

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Purchasing-a-Company-in-SingaporeWhat are the ways to purchase a company in Singapore?

Singapore has turned into an attractive destination for foreign investors due to the flexible regulatory framework and the incentives it offers to foreign enterprisers. Foreign investors benefit from the same treatment as local investors and this allows them the possibility of opening a new business in Singapore or purchasing an already incorporated one. Foreign businessmen may also purchase a company and its assets or shares in a company.

For information about purchasing shelf companies please contact our Singapore law firm.

The video below presents the main reasons why you should buy a company in Singapore:

Why purchase a shelf company in Singapore?

The main advantages of purchasing an already incorporated company in Singapore is the time one can save with the registration procedure. Also, shelf companies even if previously registered they are put on a shelf, hence the name of shelf companies, and left to age in order to bring more value once it is purchased. As the reputation of a company is very important when going into business with foreign partners, foreign businessmen may incorporate the history of their company in the Singapore shelf company. Even if registered under a certain form, shelf companies in Singapore may be re-registered as private or public limited liability companies as desired by the enterpriser. Our lawyers in Singapore will offer information about the advantages of all available types of companies in order for the clients to choose the best option.

Incorporating a shelf company may also prove beneficial if contracting a loan with the Singapore bank.

How can one re-register a shelf company in Singapore?

The registration of shelf companies in Singapore is a simple and forward process, especially when left into the hands of Singapore lawyers. Once the investor has chosen the suitable type of Singapore company and established the purchase details, the sale-purchase contract will be drafted in order for the transfer of ownership to be completed. Once the transfer has taken place, the new owner may choose the modifications he or she wants to bring to the company. According to the Singapore Companies Act, one may change the name, the management structure and the registered office as long as they will notify the Companies Register.

Our lawyers in Singapore will provide you with all the details about purchasing a shelf company or setting up a new company.