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Maritime Law in Singapore

Maritime Law in Singapore

Updated on Friday 18th September 2015

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Maritime-Law-in-SingaporeLegislation on shipping in Singapore

Singapore has an extended legislation regulating shipping and vessel registration in the city-state. Among the maritime legislation, the most comprehensive legal frameworks are:

  • - the Maritime Conventions Act issued in 1911,
  • - the Merchant Shipping Act or Chapter 79 issued in 1995,
  • - the Shipping Law or Chapter 25,
  • - the Maritime Labor Convention Act.

Singapore is also a signatory member of various international conventions such as the Maritime Labor Convention of 2006 and the Convention on the International Maritime Organization of 1948.

Our lawyers in Singapore can provide information about all international conventions the city-state is a signatory member of.

The Merchant Shipping Act in Singapore

The Singapore Merchant Shipping Act was first enabled in 1995 and has undergone significant changes during the last years. The Merchant Shipping Act was adopted by the Parliament in Singapore and covers vessel registration, manning, crew and safety matters. In 2008 the Merchant Shipping Act was amended with Section 75 (2) that replaced Chapter 354 or the Workmen’s Compensation Act with the Work Injury Compensation Act.

The Singapore Merchant Shipping Act is made of eleven parts. While the first and the last parts contain general provisions about maritime legal matters, the other nine parts contain specifics about:

  • - the Singapore Registry of Ships,
  • - manning and how to get certified as a seaman,
  • - crew matters that refer to wages, dispute settlements, offences and civil liability,
  • - the fifth part of the Merchant Shipping Act refers to the safety of crew members,
  • - the second part refers to inquiries and investigations in cases of conduct and casualties matters,
  • - delivery of goods is another part of the Merchant Shipping Act in Singapore,
  • - the eight part of the Singapore Maritime Law refers to the liability of ship owners for maritime claims,
  • - the ninth part of the Maritime Law refers to wrecks and salvages,
  • - the tenth part refers to all legal procedures in offences.

Our attorneys in Singapore provide legal representation in litigation cases.

The Singapore Registry of Ships

The Registry of Ships was established in 1966 and has a very good international reputation for its services, pollution control standards and also has a very good safety record. The Singapore Registry of Ships falls under the regulations of the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) and ranks among the first top ten largest vessel registries in the world. There are over 3,000 vessels registered with the Singapore Registry of Ships at the moment.

If you want to register a boat and need details about the documents to be submitted you can contact our law firm in Singapore.