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Legal Advice on Professional Partnerships in Singapore

Legal Advice on Professional Partnerships in Singapore

Updated on Tuesday 15th March 2016

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Legal-advice-on-professional-partnerships-in-SingaporeHow to start a professional partnership in Singapore?

Singapore has a specific legislation allowing for the establishment of partnerships in the city-state. The two laws governing professional partnerships are:

  • -          the Partnership Act which was enabled in 1994;
  • -          the Limited Partnership Act enabled in 2005.

The main difference between the two types of entities resides in the responsibility of the partners towards the debts and liabilities of the business. Our lawyers in Singapore can explain in detail what the main differences between simple and limited partnerships are and can also help you choose the right type of structure. Furthermore, our attorneys can assist you with the registration of your partnership.

Services provided by our lawyers for those starting partnerships in Singapore

Our law firm in Singapore provides a wide range of legal services among which partnerships formation ones. Our Singapore lawyers can help you with the following:

  • -          drafting partnership agreements;
  • -          preparing partnership admission agreements if you want to take on new partners;
  • -          acquisitions and mergers within a partnership;
  • -          de-mergers;
  • -          retirement agreements;
  • -          expulsion agreements;
  • -          drafting documents related to the obligations of partners;
  • -          preparing the documents related to the insolvency of partnerships.

With a vast experience in settling litigation cases, our Singapore attorneys can also assist you in partnership disputes.

Types of professional partnerships in Singapore

With a large number of industries quickly developing in the city-state, the number of foreign investors setting up professional partnerships targeting a certain area of expertise has also increased. Considering there are specific requirements for each domain it is best to request the services of Singapore lawyers in order to benefit from a swift incorporation process.

Our Singapore law firm can help you establish professional partnerships in the following areas:

  • -          accounting;
  • -          consultancy;
  • -          surveyors;
  • -          architecture;
  • -          design;
  • -          project management;
  • -          engineering;
  • -          legal;
  • -          medical.

For complete information about the legislation on partnerships and assistance in opening a partnership, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers in Singapore.