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Forensic Accounting in Singapore

Forensic Accounting in Singapore

Updated on Monday 04th July 2016

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Forensic-accounting-in-SingaporeForensic accounting is one of the specialties of accounting and covers several areas related to litigation on economic matters. Forensic accountants are usually called in as experts in trials related to economic disputes, as their main role is to investigate various claims. In Singapore, forensic accounting has become a sought specialty, if taking into consideration the development of the economy in an international context. These days, many companies are required to abide by both national and international accounting standards. These standards apply when drafting a company’s financial statements or when audit requirements must be met.

Our Singapore lawyers can recommend forensic accountants in case you need assistance on financial matters.

Forensic accounting for corporate matters in Singapore

Companies in Singapore will need the assistance of a forensic accountant at some point because the city-state taxation system imposes the preparation of a number of financial documents which must be filed with the Accounting and Regulatory Corporate Authority by the end of the financial year.

Forensic accountants can look into all financial documents in order to make sure all information is correct and adds up to the company’s calculations. Also, in the eventuality of a financial dispute, it is also best to have an in-house forensic accountant who will be able to conduct a thorough research on the matter. All forensic accountants in Singapore are certified by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.

Forensic accounting services in Singapore

Our law firm in Singapore can put you in contact with forensic accountants who will assist with the following services:

  • -          the assessment of the Loss and Profits account by verifying the company’s cash flow and income;
  • -          the valuation of shares and other assets the company has in case of litigation;
  • -          assistance in fraud cases;
  • -          assistance in auditing the company’s financial documents.

Singapore forensic accountants are also prepared to assist in cases of negligence, where breaches of contracts can reflect in the company’s profits.

When it comes to civil matters, our lawyers work with forensic accountants in Singapore in order to cover both the legal and financial aspects related to the evaluation of properties to be inherited and even in divorce cases where certain assets could be subject to appraisals.

For complete information about the forensic accounting services available in the city-state, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers in Singapore.



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