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Boat Registration in Singapore

Boat Registration in Singapore

Updated on Wednesday 24th May 2017

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The boat registration procedure with the Singapore Registry of Ships is simple and quick provided that the registrant meets all criteria. When it comes to individuals, only Singapore citizens or permanent residents are allowed to register boats. When it comes to corporations, foreign or local companies in Singapore must meet the following conditions:

  • - foreign companies must have a paid-up share capital of 50,000 S$,
  • - the boat to be registered must be self-propelled and must weigh at least 1,600 GT (gross tonnage).

The Registry of Ships may also exempt a foreign company from the tonnage requirement if the registrant applies for this exemption and if the boat will only be operated in Singapore. Local companies must only satisfy the share capital requirement. The Registry of Ships takes into consideration for registration only vessels less than 17 years.

You can also watch below how the boat registration process takes place in Singapore:

Provisional boat registration in Singapore

The Registry of Ships may issue a provisional certificate with maximum one-year validity. In order to register a vessel on a temporary basis, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  • - an application form,
  • - companies must also submit the company’s business profile.

A Singapore company’s business profile is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). The business profile of the company will contain the following documents:

  • - a copy after the Certificate of Registration,
  • - an annual return statement,
  • - an annual return of division of shares.

Both individuals and companies are allowed to appoint a local agent to conduct the registration procedure. Our Singapore law firm will guide you through the boat registration procedure.

What are the documents required for permanent boat registration in Singapore?

In order to permanently register a boat in Singapore, additional documents to the owner’s personal information must be submitted. These documents are:

  • - evidence of ownership that may be the Builder’s Certificate for a new vessel or a Bill of Sale for a second hand vessel,
  • - a tonnage certificate issued by the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) in Singapore,
  • - a class certificate or a statutory certificate issued by the MPA,
  • - evidence of de-registration from the previous Ship Register for second hand vessels,
  • - a certified carving and marking note.

Once all the formalities are completed the Permanent Register will release the Certificate of Registry.

For details about the vessel registration fees please contact our Singapore lawyers.