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Singapore to Support Companies Offering Sustainable Urban Solutions

Written by: Bridgewest

Singapore-to-support-companies-offering-sustainable-urban-solutionsSingapore is one of the Southeast Asian countries supporting companies through various funding measures. Singapore is also among the countries in the region which have enabled various schemes through which businesses can apply for loans with special interest rates, one of these programs being developed in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Our lawyers in Singapore can offer information on the funding schemes the government has enabled for companies.

What does the partnership with the ADB imply?

The agreement with the ADB to support private companies in Singapore is not new, as it has been going on for several years now. However, every time it was renewed it offered funding solutions for different categories of companies in order to ensure a uniform development of the businesses which have benefited from these programs.

This time, the new support measure is targeting Singapore companies in charge with developing sustainable urban solutions. They will benefit from financial assistance offered by the government in collaboration with the ADB and other companies in the private sector interested in investing this type of projects.

Our attorneys in Singapore can also assist foreign investors who want to set up companies in the city-state.

The Singapore government plans to invest in new infrastructure projects

This is not the only program developed by the government, as the central authorities have drafted Strategy 2030 through which Singapore will have one of the most modern road infrastructures in the region. The government plans to invest 26 trillion USD by 2030 in projects which provide sustainable solutions, such as solid waste management ones, for the residents of Singapore.

The Singapore government also plans to improve its cooperation with the Singapore Stock Exchange in order to allow companies listed on the capital markets to issue green bonds or other securities for investors interested in this type of projects. This model was taken from European countries like Luxembourg which has had a great success on the green bond market.

For full information on the funds offered by the government for companies in Singapore, please contact us. Our law firm in Singapore can also handle the company registration process for foreign investors starting businesses here.



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